Improve Conversion Rate Percentage - Integration Project

Hey Webflow e-commerce stores

My name is Rob, I’m 21 and based in Manchester, U.K.

I am currently coming to the end of building a product-page/add to cart page dropdown checkout so users don’t have to leave the product page to buy one of your products! (They can also keep buying on the site if they choose too).

It’s built with Stripe to process your customer’s payments so you don’t have to worry about your customer’s card information being breached.

I plan to become a Stripe Official Partner as soon as I validate the idea so I can build more trust with Merchants and Online Retailers who decide to integrate this project into their cool stores.

Orders are not processed unless the user leaves the website, so if they buy more than one thing, it will still come through to you as 1 order.

I think this could be a great opportunity to improve conversion rates for ecommerce businesses, but more importantly, make the checkout experience more seamless for the customer and routine across a number of ecommerce businesses.

My goal is to build a reputable external checkout, with payments processed and protected using Stripe that allows the customer to buy more efficiently and with a short checkout form.

I have some more advanced ideas that will be built into the checkout as time goes on to improve Conversion Rates.

If you’re interested in using this, could you drop me a quick comment? Or if you don’t like the idea, tell me too! ALL Feedback Welcome!

Stay Safe!