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Importing CSV in The Editor


I’m running a test with the CMS and am trying to import a CSV file from within The Editor.

I know this can be done in The Designer,

but there doesn’t seem to be a way to import a CSV in The Editor. Is this correct, you can’t upload a CSV in the editor?


That’s correct, just available in the designer. What’s your use-case here? Does your client want to be able to upload a CSV?

Hey @adiggy

Thanks for getting back to me! It’s for my company’s website. Different teams manage different content areas of the website (ex: Blog Posts, New hires, Webinars/Tutorials, etc.) and I was hoping to give team leads (who are not designers) the ability to manage their own content without having to use/be familiar with the Webflow designer to do so. I thought this was a possibility/purpose of the editor.

The exact use case is giving our HR team the ability to create/remove new team member profiles on our website using the Webflow CMS. We were hoping to manually create a CSV from a Google Form that is given to a new hire to fill out. The HR team lead (who is not a designer) would then import the CSV with the Editor and this data automatically would populate the different portions of the website using the Webflow CMS page our designer built out. I do not want to give these collaborators direct access to the designer…they are not trained in Webflow and it could create problems. Why would I be able to do this in the designer but not from the editor? Do you know if this functionally is coming soon? It doesn’t make much sense that you can’t.

Thanks again!


Hey @domo,

To be clear, I don’t work for webflow, just another fellow webflower such as yourself. :wink: So I don’t know if webflow is planning on expanding CSV upload to the editor, but in the meantime, you can push the data collected via Google Sheets, set up a Zap through and push that as a new CMS item. Here’s a workshop that discusses how to set this up:

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Got it…thank you @adiggy This is very helpful. Have a great day!