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Importing a Gallery from Lightroom into Webflow

Hello all
Still a newbie after many years. I have a gallery that I want a client to be able to view as an online gallery of 500 images. LIghtbox is not practical as you have to add one image at a time so I have generated a gallery using Adobe Lightroom. It generates an index page, thumb nails, and sized jpgs for me all formatted into a webpage. How do I get these assets into Webflow?


Hi. With 500 images you’re right, Webflow isn’t tailored for such a gallery.

And Lightroom Desktop’s approach is super duper old school, generating a whole static website for you to deal with.

The only way to embed that exported gallery into your Webflow site is to host all the Lightroom files on a web server of your own, and use an iframe to add it inside of one of your Webflow pages. (an iframe is like a window showing another site).

The good way to do thing would be to use a web gallery that allows you to embed the full gallery in a nice way. If you have Adobe CC, then you could use Lightroom CC. On the web version of LR CC there’s a way to share complete galleries, with many sharing options, including an embed. With such an embed code, all you need to do is copy and paste it inside of a custom code component in a Webflow page.

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Great advice and work around for large galleries :sunglasses: @vincent

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I’ll always be here for a Lightroom bro :smiley:

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@aktiosphoto @Scott_Van_Zandt I had never tested LR CC embed though. I made a quick page here :

The embed is very simple, too simple for a 500 pics gallery. Such a gallery would need a thumbnail grid I think.

I added a Flickr embed just underneath, but it’s as simple as the LR CC one.

Thanks for your reply I do have Adobe CC just not sure about all this embed code malarkey stuff when you are a dinosaur things take a lot longer to figure out. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: