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Implement self-resetting countdown timer

Hi everyone, I want to implement a countdown timer that resets and adjusts the correct amount of time automatically.

I already have an idea for a design (Read only below), but I don’t know how to implement the custom code necessary to execute the idea. I’d basically like to have my timer function like the one found here: .

Any help is hugely appreciated!!

Read only here

You should be able to use to handle the countdown function. It’s rather simple to implement.

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Thanks for the link! I’ll try and get this implemented. Do you know if it has any of the automatic reset functions I mentioned I needed?

Thanks again!

Did you manage to sort this?? I also need a timer that resets every week.
Could you share the result?


Sometimes, an event, a sale, a promotion, or a game. You can build a clock in raw JavaScript rather than reaching for the nearest plugin. While there are many great clock plugins, here are the benefits you’ll get from using raw JavaScript:
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