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Count down timer / where to put code and .js files etc

So I have read numerous countdown timer posts, but I couldn’t find one that explained it for a noob like me.

This is the one tread I found most helpful: How can I set up The Final Countdown?

@cyberdave have a good explanation but I still wonder:

In the Footer of the site, you put a link to where you have the countdown jQuery script stored.

  • how does that link look like? is it a code? < this is the countdown i would love to put in my webflow site.
Where do I put the css, html and Js if im using webflow as a host.

It would be awesome with a post that shows/explained that for everyone who need it.

Sorry for having no clue.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I would love to see some video tut on this !

you can put custom code in your Webflow site/pages:

But if your code is longer than 5000 characters, you’ll need to host the JS file else where (e.g. Dropbox, github, Amazon S3, or another web host)

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Hello @krubens, in your example there is no javaScript or jQuery part.
HTML and CSS part you can put inside the embed code widget on the page or recreate HTML structure with Webflow elements, apply classes to that elements and add CSS code to the Custom Code area of the page (page settings panel)


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EDIT : ok I just read that topic [Tutorial] How to Implement a Page loader and lot of things make sense to me now :smiley:

but still cant figure what part of java script is going to Head code and which one to Footer code.

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True, I saw that after, and I saw it was a nice timer, but not useful for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love if @webflow did som tut on stuff like this :smile:

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