Images, Videos and icons disappear at mobile breakpoint

Hi all,

I’m designing my first website using WebFlow.

I’ve hit an INCREDIBLY frustrating part of the process, where I am 95% finished but I keep getting a weird (I can only assume) glitch or bug, whereby images / PNG’s / Video’s etc seem to disappear as soon as I scale down to the mobile breakpoint.

They will then suddenly reappear and disappear through no alteration of layout settings. I thought originally this was a layout setting I had fiddled with, but on reflection, I truly think this is the program bugging out.

I will include the readonly link below - but on ‘read-only’ the issue cannot be seen, it displays correctly. However when I publish to a ‘test link’ and view on that, then the issues arises again.

Is anyone else having these issues? Is this common? Which is the source of truth - ‘read-only’ or ‘publish-link’ (test)?

Would super appreciate any feedback, direction or ideas on how to sort this out as I’m losing my mind fiddling with breakpoints to no avail.

All the best,


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Uniti - Where the future volunteers

Hi @RJ_Allen

  1. First check on other workstations in different locations. Then ask friends to view on their phone. Isolate it to your devices.
  2. If it’s just yours, start by disabling all of your browser extensions.
  3. Open in every browser to make sure it’s not just Chrome.

After that come back to the forum. See ya :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response Gary.

Unfortunately this is not limited to just my workstation / location / devices.

I’m actually using safari, so has no extensions are in place. The issue persists across Chrome as well.

When I select publish it is visible, then as it processes the images visibly disappears, before confirming it has been published.

The images are viewable on every device (including horizontal mobile), other than portrait mobile. Then it disappears regardless of device type.

Please any ideas people is massively appreciated.

All the best,


Oh no, I meant look using another physical computer and phone. And ask a friend or family member for their device. Also, check using Firefox, Edge, Opera. If the issue persists and you can’t find the reason inside the Webflow Designer, it’s going to be hard to narrow down to the web application or the computer hardware/software.

Grabbing another computer will immediate give that answer. Since it seems to happen only during publish, this is really the only way to find out. You’re right, we can’t see if from a read-only link.

I did run into this once when using Grid. I couldn’t get the grid to fill the viewport, but it was only on IE and Edge. I was able to get Edge to work, but not IE. And I didn’t have Safari to test, so I ran with it.

From time to time this happens, depending on the type of interactions or elements used. You’re gonna need another computer to get the truth. Oftentimes, I go downstairs to my apartment business center and test using their workstations. It’s an easy test. I have another older laptop that I use for this as well. I recommend doing this first before you go too far down the rabbit hole.

If you narrow it to your laptop/desktop, then we can help with troubleshooting.

Read-only, since that is where you debug websites, not the designer.