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Images not looking good on safari (need help urgent)

Hello! I’m working on a website for a client. I built the website on Webflow on my google chrome browser, but now my client is telling me that some of the images is not looking good on her browser (safari). I’m not sure how to fix this as I don’t have safari on my laptop, so no way for me to test it.

How I see it:

How my client sees it:

Read only: Webflow - Buurtdokters

Anyone can help me understand why my client is seeing it this way?

Thanks so much!

hi @davidlacle scale down is not supported in all browsers. You should avoid to use it and achieve your approach different way. Simplest way you can try is to use padding on image wrapper that will end up with identical design style.

EDIT: If you want to have control over image size (animation or whatever) you can also use transform property on image

  transform: scale(0.9);

Hope that one of solutions will be usefull for you. :wink:

Thanks! This worked :slight_smile:

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