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Images linked to radio buttons?

Hi forums!

I’m trying to create a interaction where when i click one of my images they act as a radio button.
for example:

In one of my TABS i have four different images. Is it possible to link the “click” on the images to the radio buttons, so that way it shows up in my forms.

(customer finds the different images —> presses one of the images —> That click is linked to a hidden radio button —> Customer submits form —> I see on my dashboard what they picked

Thanks guys

You can’t do this natively in Webflow, the topic has been discussed here, here and here.

And here is the wishlist vote so you can vote for this feature to be added.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply

I managed to change the radio buttons background image with some trickery, Not 100% optimal but it works!

But, now i ran into another problem… I want a button to link to my second tab in my “Tabs” element.

Is that possible?

You can do it with custom code or you can create your own tab elements and use interactions.

How would I achieve that without coding?


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