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Images in Sliders not displaying when live

Hey, so I was working tow put together a new project page on my site which was going fine overall until I tried to add a slider element on my ‘Presshound’ project page in the section shown in the attached image. For some reason the images within the elements are not displaying when live.

I’m sure I screwed up something somewhere. If anyone can tell me how it would be appreciated! (Also happy to have any other feedback; keeping in mind its a WIP)


(PS: as a side note, if anyone can also tell me why the images in the last section of the same page on mobile in the live site are not the same size despite having the same settings it would also be helpful!)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(Live version)

any clues on this issue?

I deleted it all and remade it and in seems to work now. I can’t say what the difference is.