Webflow preview and site view difference


I have two “section image” elements that are showing fine in the editor and the preview, but not showing on the live site. The two elements are: 1) div block resizes differently) The image animation works for the middle section and the reverse two sections act weird on live site. It’s the strangest thing as they’ve been working fine up until a few minutes ago when i decided to show a friend what i have done.

Pay attendtion to the animation of the bar on the first and third section, the second section (picture) is fully responsive but the others are not. PS: ( This issue occurs on screen size 1500px and above, it works normally for other screens i think) Thanks for your help in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: **[LINK

Here is the site live link : ** https://event-planner-b3870e.webflow.io/