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Images can not be placed in a collection list wrapper error

Hi, Im following 2021 DESIGN PORTFOLIO COURSE this course here 2021 design portfolio course | Webflow University

I’m on day 3 adding client projects however when I try to add an image element under the div block I am getting an error message from Webflow “Images can not be placed in a collection list wrapper” Any help would be really appreciated. thank you

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Not allowed:

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thank you for this but this is what I am confused about because I am following a course that is from Webflow themselves this one 2021 design portfolio course | Webflow University

He seems to do it but I am getting the error

thank you again

Hi @desernist there is NO way that you can place any element into Collection List Wrapper or Collection List After your second comment I was curious If thats true but In Course video is all done how @Siton_Systems explained. I’ve had make a screenshot how they structured html and you are not correct.

The Image is inside Collection Item beside another div block that contain text data.

@Stan thank you for that. I see my mistake now

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hi @desernist if issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request as solved

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