Items are displayed incorrectly on quick hover

Hello :upside_down_face:.

On the page 5 of the items, each of which has its own trigger to display a particular image.

If you hover on each item at intervals of 0.5 seconds — there will be no problems. But if you decide to quickly run through all the items, you will see that the image will not correspond to the item on which you hover

Thus it turns out that if you hover on “Item 01” — you can see the image attached to the element “Item 04”.

Why is this happening? Did I build the animation wrong? How to fix?



Read link:

If you want instant mouse hover, use zero delay. I don’t think you can measure the velocity of the mouse or finger, between items, to incorporate that with IX2. With custom code you could.

Thank you, but I meant that a quick hover either causes an error or something else when the image doesn’t match the trigger you’re interacting with.

Watch the video: