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Image not showing on live site mobile

Hey all!

I’m having a seriously frustrating Issue where images aren’t showing on the mobile version of our live site, but they do show up in the designer. It’s for the product page of our webshop, and most of our traffic is mobile - so I feel like we’re losing out on customers here. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Sam's party factory

hi @Martijn_Berkouwer I do not know how your final design will looks like but you can start with your slider container to set overflow to visible as on mobile this section doesn’t have any height and is collapsed this mean not visible. You will probably face another issues like shifting item header etc. but it is easy to fix :wink:

Hi @Stan,

Thanks! That was it. Didn’t realize it’s overflow was on invisible because it was inherited from a larger breakpoint. Thank you so much!!!

hi @Martijn_Berkouwer I’m glad that this helped you to solve your issue. Feel free to close your request as solved.