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Centering table on page

I’m having difficulty figuring out why this table is not centering inside it’s container. Container and table itself is set to center, left column is set to align right, center column is set center, and right column is set to left justify. I’m probably just missing something but I would love it if someone could take a minute to help. Thanks much :slight_smile:

Including some screenshots on desktop and mobile preview.

Would be nice to have a read-only link toy your project too :wink:

There are different ways to do this.

One way… I’d say is to place a div in each column
and an image inside the div.

Set the image width to 80% or so.

Set the center property in the div.

This should center each image regardless of device.

I believe I have it working on desktop and tablet now but on landscape and portrait on mobile, still aligning left.

I changed the container to “Inline” and that seemed to help.

Im still not sure why I cant get these elements to center on mobile portrait and landscape. Anyone?

Use the Drop Down menu on top right > Custom Options.

I’m speaking of the three white drawings of a modified chandelier.

Any help is appreciated.

Create a style
ie: Center-Image
Set it to Auto-Margin
Apply Style to each of the 3 images at the Desktop Level
Tablet and Cells will inherit the style value

See Video:

You’re a Champion! Thanks much! :slight_smile:

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