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Image Link in CMS Rich Text Field doesn't change pointer on hover

Even though I have the hand pointer selected for all my links inside of a rich text block, when I hover over an image that I set as a link (in the rich text field of the cms backend), the pointer doesn’t change…

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It’s probably that you need to style it that way. Please provide a public link so we can take a look.

Thanks @ctotty. Here is the share link:

Well, I tried what I thought it might be, and it didn’t work for me either. Even though the image was a link, and I assigned it a pointing finger, only the default cursor showed in the preview.

Let’s get some expert eyes on this. :smile:

@Waldo @cyberdave @PixelGeek

Has anyone find a solution to this @sabanna. I am trying to put an image within a rich text element. And I can’t get it to work. I hovered over a paragraph and pressed the return key, nothing appears. Looked at your webcast. And I don’t know what you do to make it appear.

figured it out. Never mind

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