Rich Text and Custom Cursor functionality

I’m trying to get the custom cursor I’ve created to work with text and/or image links in rich text. Does anyone know of a way to do this? Can’t see anything obvious.

The pages which will use links in rich text are contained within portfolio case histories such as specifically when one clicks the Opens Story button. I wish to include links in there. I am also creating a “Views” blog page, which will use Rich Text and links.

Anyone have a solution?
Hope you can help!

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Hard for me to understand if this is an issue with the Rich Text Element or the Rich Text bound to a CMS item.

If it’s the latter, see if this helps solve your problem:

Thank you, but I’m not sure if I explained myself very well.

The rich text I use appears within multiple CMS items. However the content within the rich text changes for each CMS entry. On my website I have a custom cursor which ‘dims’ (using an interaction I apply to each link) when hovering over links. Within this rich text, however I am unable to assign the interaction to each link to get the custom cursor to dim.

Any thoughts?