Image hover triggering multiple divs?

I can’t… for the life of me figure out how to do this. Please help.

ON mouse hover:
image scales up to 1.1
Black overlay fades on hover (50% overlay)
Text slides in from bottom left from 0 - 100 opacity.
(All animates together)

ON hover OUT:
image scales back to normal
Black overlay fades on hover off (image now back to colour)
Text slides out to left and fades at the same time - 0 opacity.
(All animates together)

It this what you’re looking for?

First thing first, remove your Legacy Interaction, its conflicting with the new IX2.
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 22.11.43

I was able to achieve that with this settings.
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 22.13.38

Yes! :slight_smile:

But what exactly is all that being applied too?

One final question - is it possible to get a black fade ontop of the image but not the text?