Compressing images and dynamic menu

will a future release of the CMS have compressing options for images? Clients will usually upload images in original resolution/file size, so image size will be too big for web use.

Regarding menu. Will CMS allow you to add links/categories in menu/navbar for sub pages?

Great CMS by the way :smile: Love it!


I can’t answer for the Webflow team but I don’t really see that as part of any CMS tool. If you were using Wordpress you would still want to compress images first.

Retrain your clients or have them pay you to handle the compression. If you explain that large images are going to dramatically impact the speed of their site…clients usually understand that.

My experience is a bit different. Wordpress has plugins that can do compression, and our own CMS has that feature too. Its super useful and user friendly for our clients. I hate to have to explain how to download a third party software to use a cms-solution. All email clients give the option to compress as well...and for a good reason. I think it would just make Webflow CMS better. Our own CMS (Built in PHP) uses imagecopyresampled and Jcrop. This compresses images and lets our clients crop images based on our set dimentions.

I’m very familiar with Wordpress but it doesn’t handle compression on its own, as you mention, it requires a plugin. Not sure I follow the rest of your message but understand what you are after.