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Image are messing up on Live Site

Having Mutliple issues of images dissapearing on live site. Slider images on main page in the events section do not show up on any view desktop or mobile. On Mobile view the menu images do not show up but do on desktop. On Preview everything looks fine, however on the live site it doe not.

Live Site:
Public Link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Live_Tour_Network, thanks for your post. I took a look at the published url at and I can see some console errors about the srcset attributes not being parsed:

When I check the same site in Webflow at, I do not see the errors.

Could you check the views in the site and see how it looks? I am checking on an export replica to see if I can see those errors in the export, I will report back on that.

One thing to try is to export your site from Webflow, and re-upload the site to your server, to make sure all latest images and css is replaced on the server.

Thanks in advance

Hi Dave,
Checked everything and re uploaded everything again and still the same issues.

Any news on why this issue may still be happening? Has it anything to do with the responsive image update recently?

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