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Issues with website - slider and images


The slider on my home page was working fine but since I have added another slide in the first position, it now is the only one that displays when the page is live. It works fine in webflow but the slides 2 to 7 do not appear on the live site.

The other two issues I am having is the ‘Special Offer’ box also does not display correctly on the live site. The 3D transition does not work. Also on the News page I have a Christmas image on the Latest News that is positioned correctly in webflow but displays moved down on the live site.

I would greatly appreciate some advise on how to solve these issues.

Here is the public link -

And the live website -

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, there’s an issue with your images.

Here’s the link to the bg of the working 1t slide :

All the other bg for the other slides are 404 :

So, please rename your images with a simple name without space, that can’t harm. Then reupload them, swap them in the slides, republish the website. Should run OK after that.

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