Image alongside text (RTE) - how do i change spacing between text and the image?


I am looking for some help with the RTE element.

I can’t seem to adjust easily the spacing between text and an image when set to alongside.

I can’t add padding to the image as it messes up my fullwidth images as well as the image border and border radius.

Also Margins do nothing in the side by side cases.

And i don’t want it to impact the normal text/full width images. i can’t seem to style side by side sep to full width

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Josh @OvertonGraphics

You can add padding to the inside of the image. You can do this so it only affects the particular Rich Text Element that you want it to… and those with the same class name.

Not sure if this solves your problem or not?


Hi Mark,

Thanks, i stated above i can’t do the padding because the images have a border radius and border.


Ah you did. I misread the question, very sorry! :grimacing:

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No worries at all. thanks for reaching out to help though!

You can add the padding to the FIGURE element.

Images in RT are set with <figure><div><image></div><caption></figure>

You can’t style the div wrapping the image (that’s rare in webflow components), but you can style the figure element. With a class, or better, directly by selecting the figure element in the selector list lile you’d do with a paragraph, then limiting for the RT class.

You cans till target the unstylable div with custom code by using figure.class > div in CSS custom code.