I'm needing a password popup box

Hello, I am needing a simple popup box where my client can put in a password that I have given them, to access their own page on my website. I don’t need them to sign up for anything, or put in their email, I just need them to be able to go to a page on my site that says, customer login, then a box comes up where they can enter a password that I’ve assigned to them, they put it in and get to their own page.

Please Note: I understand that Webflow has password protected pages but I don’t need that. Right now I have a site done in Adobe Muse, using a widget, for example:

I have a page on the site called https://www.pdqlitho.com/ABCcompany.html. The password to access that page is ABCcompany. There is another page called https://www.pdqlitho.com/123Company.html and the password to get to that page is 123Company. I don’t want to have a drop down list of my customers so everyone can see them, and I don’t need an actual Login page where someone enters their email and password, it seems like this is just a simple, almost just a link to a page but they have to put in a password to get there. Again, I don’t want to put a drop down box with all of my customers listed it in.

I’ve heard of AuthPro but that’s a little more than I need for this page.

Anyone know of a simple plug in widget or special code I could use for this?

Thanks so much,


Password protection – work around for collection pages - #2 by samliew

Thank you samliew, I don’t have a paid subscription yet and don’t want to until I know if this will work for me. Do you happen to have a url where I could see what this will look like?

Thanks so much for responding.


Demo: Client-side Page-level Simple Password Protection

Password: letmein

Ok, I think this is what I’m looking for. Can I tell which page to go to when someone enters the correct password? Another question, can I have different passwords that go to different pages?

Thanks so much for your help! I think this is it.


In this example, the code is placed on the page you want to “protect”.

If you redirect to another page, that page will not be password “protected”.

Same as above.

Ok, thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I’m not sure this will work, then. I’ll keep looking for a solution.

Thanks so much!