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iFrame Webflow sites

Hi all,

Getting to know Webflow more and more with the goal to create digital magazines for clients.
At the moment I would like to create content without any hassle and make changes quick en lean without other parties.

Solution could be working with iFrames, so my clients can embed my Webflow magazines directly in their website. But when testing on I could not embed or link any workflow website (just a rondom published website picked out of the showcase).

Before I look like a fool in front of my clients I thought of asking you all :wink:

Should I add some code to my website to ensure my website shows fully in any iFrame on any WordPress, Drupal, Typo03 or other systems?

Hi @RAW, there is a setting within Webflow that if enabled embedding Webflow as an iFrame will be blocked.

If it was a random site on the showcase, that is the likely scenario as most will add this to keep the sites from being mishandled.

I would recommend using one of the free templates to test out and see how it would work for your purposes. Just make sure to turn off the Secure iFrame.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~


Many thanks @WebDev_Brandon. You saved my day!
I found it in settings like you said.
I’am only getting started with Webflow, it blows my mind so far. Just… the new options it gives me are enormous.

Thanks again Brandon!

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