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Iframe not scrolling on iOS mobile

I’ve got an iframe that is pulling text from another webpage that contains a privacy policy for an app. The reason the text is on another webpage is so that the ios app and the website can share the same start point for pulling the privacy text so that the copy stays consistent.

The issue is that the iframe will not scroll on any iOS mobile device. It works great on all desktop browsers.

Here is a link:

Notice in screenshot how the scroll bar has disappeared.
Based on my research online, most people have said the CSS3 attribute -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch fixes the problem but I haven’t been able to make that work when imbedding into the iframe styling

Still haven’t found a workaround for this, anybody know of another way to make iframes scroll on iOS mobile?

Please provide your project sharelink :slight_smile:

Navigate to the “Terms of service Copy” page to see the original fomat I’ve referred to here.

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