iFrame Scrolling Problem on iOS


on my site ‘gesundzeit.eu’ I’ve created a popup div with an iFrame inside (NavBar “TERMIN”). Apparently there is a problem on iOS wich doesn’t allow scrolling in iFrames (https://davidwalsh.name/scroll-iframes-ios). I’ve tried the solution but it didn’t work (I have basically no idea of HTML and CSS…).

Would be great if someone could find a solution, I’ve been sitting on this for hours…

Thanks so much for your help!



Hi Jan,

Thanks for the link, I took a look at the site and also tested with this myself and the scroll is working fine for me on iOS with the overflow on the fixed div set to overflow Auto:

Set up my test with the content you had, plus a blue div at the end, to show:

Sometimes rendering issues on mobiles with overflow can be tricky. Another factor is the iframe which is trying to iframe in a full html dom, and some browsers will not render that, so it is good to keep in mind.

I hope this helps.