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If i export my codes will i be able to add html 5 without editing anything

Hello, when i export webflow site to html, will i be able to add html and JavaScript directly into it ( like users system, search engine, booking system etc…) without editing any of the exported code?

Definitely not. Webflow designer itself is not exportable, and you’ll have to open up the files in a text editor to make changes to your files after exporting.

If you properly integrate your site into another CMS like Wordpress though, you probably could install plugins to do what you want.

I do understand that i should export the codes from webflow. My question is when i export the codes, will they act as a template html code in which i can add more functions through writting more codes and not using webflow. Or should i edit some of these codes to be compatible.

It depends. Avoid overriding default Webflow component functionality (e.g.: sliders, tabs, lightbox) unless you know what you’re doing. If you are just using basic elements, then by all means go ahead…