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I would migrate a site if I could recreate this accordion grid function with CMS on Webflow

I’ve been working with a developer for the past year to create a site I designed. A year ago I had far less Webflow experience but now I would migrate the site to Webflow if I could find a solve for the main component of their site: A grid based layout for projects with accordion drop down for details that is also CMS based to pull in projects. It is also filterable by (multiple) categories.

The process of working with our developer has been an enormous struggle and I would love to own the project and be able to make small tweaks to the site myself.

I’ve explored several Webflow plug-ins etc. but think something like this will require far more custom coding. Is there anyone out there who could tackle it? If so I’d love to talk about how much that would cost.

You can find this grid and filter element on the home page of the site:


I’m not sure about the filtering… but in terms of the grid itself, I would guess you’d use interactions, and maybe scale the height of the large containers to zero so they’re not visible, then open them up on click. If you set overflow to hide the overflowing content, it shouldn’t cause the stuff within to re-flow. I’m somewhat new to Webflow but used to be a web developer, so this is my theory of how it would be done. I’d need to play with it to see if that lines up with reality.

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Would love to know how to do this. Anyone?