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I want to create this FAQ exactly

Any thoughts on best way to do this?

Thanks all,

This is a good place to start:

easily done.

There’s a tutorial video that shows you how to hide / show the text.

Yes easily done … I have this so far (if you scroll down to FAQ section you will see)

Except I can not get all the borders in between the FAQ questions to be tighter … the problem is they start to blend in with the answers creating one big white rectangle I dont want this…

Here is my preview link:

Any thoughts?

I don’t see anything wrong.

You have padding on the question and answer parts…
but seems perfectly fine to me.

Perhaps I’m not understanding the problem.

Can you do a screen shot / video showing the issue ?


This appears to a duplicate of this post ?

The problem I have is that the spacing on the questions is bigger then I want.

I want the spacing to be tighter.

Though when I make it the questions closer together (on click to show the asnwer) they start blending together as one white rectangle … I dont want this.

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