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Question - Spacing on FAQ section

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for this …

Im trying to get the spacing the same on each FAQ section when its clicked on and off…

Right now before clicking on the FAQ question the spacing is big (I would like it tighter)

And then when the FAQ question is clicked the spacing is tight (how I want it)

Please see attached… for what I mean… any help is much appreciated! preview link is below

Thanks all,

Here is the preview link:

Any help on this would be much appreciated thanks!

Hi @mattmcs, It looks like your element titled “Answer 1” has a height set to 30px. Try setting this to 0px.
Hope this helps! :smile:

Thanks … but it doesnt look like it made a difference… there is still a big gap in between all the questions before you click on anything… I want all the questions to be closer together…

This appears to be a duplicate of this post ?

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