I want to create a group for checkboxes - Webflow form

I want to create a group for checkboxes (like the radio button option) so i can have several sections in my form where you need to check one ou multiples boxes.

Also it would be much easier to have the answer in only one cell in the “form” tab instead of those multiples cells with “true” or “false”.

Do any of you have the solution to do this?
Thx in advance

I can’t share the link, this is my company’s website and we don’t want to let any informations out.

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Bumping this - cant find a solution but would be a really important and helpful feature. Thanks to any one who can help.

Yes, would be cool.
Because now it makes it a bit difficult to extract the data and put it in one Array with services like Make (ex. Integromat).

Any updates on this?

I’m looking for a similar solution.

In my form, I have a single question which offers a checkbox response. I want that one, many or no checkboxes be checked, and that they are all recorded in the same response field in the data set.

Any suggestions?

Has anyone found a solution to this?

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I was really surprised that this function is not default on Webflow. It shouldn’t take a big effort to have group settings for the form elements. It does not make any sense for checkboxes to have “settings” individually.

Webflow, we need a solution to this issue, similar to the select field, where you can easily add the items and the setting is set to the whole group.

I have checked a few resources online, but I don’t want to embed DIY.