I want text from bottom of hero section to top to move

Hello. I will be very glad if someone in this topic helps me. I appreciate it.

I want text from bottom of hero section(for example in the homepage) vertically to top to move. Maybe you also have seen this in some of websites, so that news texts are moving and user can with hovering of mouse stop the text and by hovering out text will again be moving.
I couldn’t really find the answer , how can i do it with Webflow.
Thank you for your response.

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Hi @Huseyin_Polat

You want an infinite scroll animation. Then you want to hover over a photo/section to show something to click? Is that right?

Maybe this?

It is infinite, The text moves infinite when user comes to that section. And by hovering mouse on the text, the text will stop moving and by hovering out, the text will continue moving. this moving will never end. The text is news text.

For example in a rectangle div, news texts from bottom to top of that div are moving infinite and when user hover on the text, text would stop moving.

No, the thing i want is a long text which is moving automatically infinite and by hovering mouse on the text, the text would stop moving. Mostly it is used for reading news texts.

Sure, for this you’ll need a custom code snippet. There are many different types but you have to search online for the one you want. Use this search: “infinite marquee with hover over stop”

Try using this cloneable project by Francesco Castronuovo:

Thank you very much. It was really helpful. So i need custom code.

Yeah you do. There are tons of different scripts you can find. It may take some time to find ones that allow click interactions, but they are available. Happy hunting, let me if you need any more help :slight_smile:


Really thank you. I appreciate it. I will let you know if there is.

Sure thing, no problem. Have fun!