I want my Footer stay at the bottom of the page

Hi @PixelGeek @magicmark @webflow,
I have looked at other examples of making the footer stay at the bottom at all time, I still haven’t found the solution to my problem.

All I want is when I shrink the browser the footer will stay at the bottom user can scroll down to see the footer. Currently, when I shrink the browser the footer comes up and overlaps my images or text, etc.

Also, I dont want to have gap on the bottom of the footer like it stay on the first screen because i dont have a lot of stuff on the page.

Full screen should look like this footer at the bottom.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I don’t really understand what is happening with your site structure on that clients page. You have nested divs that don’t seem to really make sense in the way websites should be structured which should be sections stacked with content inside of them, Usually only one container per section with the section being directly inside the body. Have you watched some of the tutorial videos on how to use webflow and the basics of HTML site structure?

I can’t really answer your question because it is not working due to issues with your site structure which must be fixed before you can get what you want.