I need to strict the number of column layout to 4 in colletion list

I created a collection list and chose the layout column to be four, but when I added margin to the collection items the fourth column moved below the three collection items.

How could I add the margins and preserve the 4 column layout?

hi @Mahmoud the best option you have to create layout is to use CSS Grid instead of text columns that have absolutely different purpose to be used for.

Hi Stan
The collection list comes with a column layout option only

hi @Mahmoud my advice is to strip down text-columns and build it again with CSS Grid. It will save you lots of trouble. :person_shrugging:

I use CMS for this data, Can I use CSS Grid with a collection list block? How?

I will suggest to visit WFU to learn first how to work with this platform.

As Stan said, CSS grid will work much better for you here.

Thanks, Stan and Michael, you solved my problem.