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Grid options in Collection lists

I should know this, but cannot figure out how to do.
If I have a collection list in three columns, and want them to be stacked in vertical mobile phone view, how do I do this? Now I have three columns on the Team and the Advisors (two different collections) on the Team page in desktop view. In mobile phone view the team is still three columns, but the advisors items stack on top of each other (this is how I want it). I can’t figure out how to change this for different device layouts.

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Hi. Read this docs (under “Selecting a layout” and “Make changes to your columns layout”):

This icon <----> is for stack

Thank you for the link. I have no problem changing columns in different layouts in general though. It is just as I work with collection lists that the Grid options are not available in the settings. I don’t know if there is another way to solve this.

My mistake :slight_smile: You right - This is a missing feature for now on webflow editor (no breakpoints like in columns)

Try this idea:

Thank you so much, this really helped! I had forgotten that you could use Flexbox in that way. Now it works great!

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You welcome :slight_smile: mark as solved to close this issue (an for future searches). Thanks.

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