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Fixed nav bar covers content

Hey fellow webbers,

I had a question about my site here.

When you click on the nav bar links it will scroll to the correct content but the nav bar covers it up ie it is scrolling down or linking down too far. How can I adjust this?


You have your Header area set as ‘fixed’. Click on the header/navigation and change its position to auto. That should fix it!


You’re the man Karl! Weird enough it was opposite though it was auto and I switched it to fixed.

HI, Now i have the same problem. Could you produce a more detailed fix?

Well… to be honest without seeing it that’s about as detailed as someone is going to get.

If you can share your project.

It make sense to include the link…

What I am trying to do is to make the nav bar buttons scroll to the appropriate text area, now it is going to far…

Because you have 195px padding on the top of the body, when you go down to mobile it starts the menu at 195px fown the screen. You really shouldn’t put padding or margins on the body.

It was just an attempt to change the outcome. Now I have reset it to 0 and the problem is still there.
When hitting the About link it scrolls down to half the page (of the about section) ? I want the about text to be under the Nav bar, as with all the other headlines.

Ya but you’re forcing a lot of content down using margins and padding. With you’re layout you shouldn’t need to.

I through this together in like 10 minutes to show you what I’m talking about and hopefully you can see what I’m talking about.

I figured out way it was cowering it wrong. It was a padding in one of the other elements. I had to go trough every one… but now it works. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: