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I need somone to convert my Webflow sites in to Word Press sites. Plenty of future work as well

Hi, I am looking for an experience developer to convert my webflow sites in to WordPress sites. This is a serious request - please provide day rate and contact details, email me on

Hi, If you build sites, have a look at , maybe is something for you. Or, the WP Site Designer extension for Dreamweaver at

Hi Discovoador, thanks for your reply. Have you used CloudPress? I am nervous to start learning yet another bit of software. Shame Webflow doesnt make it easier to convert to WordPress. Is there anyone on this forum that has used CloudePress? Is it as nice to use as Webflow? ARe there any issues with it regarding the coe it generates etc?

Cloudpress and the Dreamweaver extension WP Site Designer are the same software, the one is on the cloud and the other is a desktop app (extension). It’s kind of good to work with but for sure is not like Webflow. I guess you won’t need to learn anything, since it has the same functionality from Webflow. I can’t tell you about the code it exports, I’m not a WP guy. I believe the software is made by Extend Studio. They are a nice company!

I’ve used Cloudpress before, it was cool at first but then I realized that it’s super buggy and just wasn’t at all what I wanted. Super limited animation ability and the system gets cached with old changes and doesn’t refresh from them sometimes.

I vote for Webflow over Cloudpress. You can build in Webflow and then transfer the majority of it over to a wordpress build (just takes time) :slight_smile: if you need the cms integration. @simonosb1 you may have more luck finding a skilled Wordpress developer on Reddit, my buddy can turn any Webflow site into a wordpress site as well Just let him know Waldo sent you :slight_smile:

He does great work, really fast at an affordable rate :smile:

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