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I need some help with some elements on my page


I am wondering if anyone could help me with a few issues on my site :slight_smile:
updated preview link
52 am
this arrow looks fine on my big screen, but when I make the screen smaller, the arrow goes off to the side, not sure how to fix this.

01 am
the footer height is different, and I can’t get it to be the same.

Many other issues, if you know how to fix them please do let me know :slight_smile:

Any help greatly appreciated


I can’t find the arrow on your site or see the footer?

I think it’s more helpful to the forumites here if you include the preview link to your project (which is read only) so we can take a look at it. That way there’s a basis for suggestions and remedies.

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Thanks for the info.

Here is my preview link

Thanks for taking the time to help out. :slight_smile:

Hey I have put a screen-cast together for you to follow the steps to make the footer with “Flex Box” this will sort the differing heights problem.

Aaron :slight_smile:

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awesome, thanks a lot for that!

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