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I need helph for this text effect transparency

I need your help because I would like to create this text effect on my home page.
I created a div, in div I placed an image in the background, I added two columns, one is filled in white, I placed the title in the middle in relative, but I don’t know the process so that my text has this transparency effect on the two blocks.
Thank you

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My first guess would be an SVG mask (which needs custom code in webflow).

OR the text is a pre-rendered text image and so you would place the text image absolute center in the div.

A big thank you for your return, I did some research and I found a project to clone the result and well but it did not have what I wanted, moreover it is necessary to code and I am not an ace in codoge therefore I will follow the second option, but if someone guides me to have the desired result in svg, I take !!!
Thank you