Black text becomes white over a picture

Hello all !

I’m trying to have a black text that switches to white as it goes over an image. I’m pretty much trying to replicate what is done on this website (without the italic part):

I don’t know if i should use blending modes or any other custom code.
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!!


Hi @jacquesmerel ,

You could try to create it with the new fill background section but it will not be the same. I created this video so you can see how they made it on that website.

They use the same text, with an absolute position one on top of the other. One with transparent text on one side, and the other one on the other.

Let me know if this helps

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer! I’m pretty new with webflow and webdesign in general, so i’m not sure to fully understand you. How can they have a transparent text and still be visible? Isn’t there a way to only apply a text to an image? Like in photoshop by pressing alt+clik on a layer?

Thanks again!