I need help with cool stuff. Double sides and how to make one side scrolling?

Here is example, what i’m gonna do: http://numberslimited.com/en/terms_of_service/
Please, if who knows, will explain me)

Hi Iamsannikov.

You will want to create two Sections side by side. Name the sections Left and Right, respectively. Set the Width of both sections to 50%, set the Height of both sections to 100%, and set the Position of both sections to Absolute. Set the Overflow of the Right section to Scroll and leave the Left section alone.

This will create a page that looks like this: http://wishdish.webflow.io/test

Let me know if this answers your question.


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Thank a lot Christopher! To tell the truth, i’ve already done by myself. But your solution is more useful. In the future i will use yout solution. Thanks!


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