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Split Screen Section - Half Sticky, Half Scrolling

Anyone know how to make this smoother and not so glitchy? :neutral_face:


Hi @christopher_kuchta I see that your request tag is webflow support does it mean that your request is related to this tag or you requesting help only from Webflow support? A bit confused what your tag mean.

Requesting help in general. I’ll update

hi @christopher_kuchta this one is a bit tricky and Im afraid that you cant do that only by using basic tools Webflow offer. You can use third party library to do this for you or vanilla JS. Here is a simple example where I use intersection observer to add class scroll when target is 75% in viewport. There is no sticky part as this is different approach but it can give you an idea how to achieve this effect.

EDIT: I have add scroll-snap to right column to be more complex

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