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I need HELP fitting content

I can certainly use some help in making this site look a little better. I had practically no content for this site, so I tried to fill the page with large visuals to compensate for the lack of content.

But in doing so, I am running into issues with the responsiveness and getting things to look good on different devices. Things look good on the different screen sizes with the width, but I am having trouble with the height of sections being cut off and being split by the fold.

I would truly appreciate any feedback and advice on how I can make everything fit nicely so the content is not cut off by the fold. Here is an image of the top section being cut off by the fold on a laptop as a reference.

I have included the read-only link below, but here is the published link as well:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Should I be using a 100VH for that section? Or should I be defining the height at different breakpoints to accommodate the screen height of the different devices?

Hi @Lou667, thanks for the post. I made quick video on my thoughts, it looks like the 1200px max width on the parent container allows the. image to expand beyond the viewport height.

I might style that in Desktop view so that all is visible, then create some higher breakpoints and style those overrides for larger monitors.

Here is an article that may help: Style across breakpoints | Webflow University

I hope this helps