I have overflow problem

Hello guys, I have a problem with my website. It has some weird overflow, and I believe that the section that overflows is the hero section. I’ve been trying to fix this for the last 30 minutes, and I can’t come up with anything anymore. I tried everything I knew when it comes to dealing with the overflow.

Here’s my read-only link:

I’m guessing that you mean the content overflows on mobile views?

You can give the hero section a minimum height to avoid overflow or remove 100vh and give some padding.

Yeah, I meant content overflow, but I thought about overflow on the desktop. You can see on the SS that I have a horizontal scrollbar. I tried removing everything section by section, and the scrollbar disappeared when I removed the hero section.

I just noticed that my sliders aren’t working on the published site, but in preview mode on Webflow, they work perfectly.

And also, I just tried removing the hero page once again because I’m clueless, and I noticed that there is overflow even if I remove the hero page.