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I have a little glitch on my interactions menu

Not sure I am in the correct category but I have a little glitch. I have created a menu per a video from Webflow. Followed the example and it works, it’s just that once the page loads you have to select the icon 2 times before it begins working perfectly. Any help is appreciated. I tried moving things around and then putting them back so it is at the original starting point with the 2 click problem,
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Hi @rjbiccum! I think this may be due to the interaction you have set to happen on the first click.

Right now when you preview your site, the default display is for the menu to open upon page load. Therefore, the first click of the mouse needs to be set to close the menu. And the second click needs to be set to open the menu. I.e. just reverse the two interactions and you should be set to go.


Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will give it a try, so do I reverse the actual elements?

@rjbiccum - here’s a quick video to show you what I did: