I can't see my swatches on RHS .What gives?

Newbie Question please.

I am doing Webflow 101 course.

At this point in the Navigation tutorial, I am asked to use my swatches. Although I can see I have successfully created some new swatches, they are simply not showing up underneath the Color Selection tool. It seems The instructor is looking at a different tool to mine, though both seem like versions of each other. Where are they please?

The upper image is my site:

Here is what the instructor is seeing:

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hi @David_C these are an old tutorials and there were made changes that make custom colors un-intuitive and more complicated that is should be as the old way was way better. Now WF uses “variables”. You have to go first left side of screen and after right :woozy_face: Swiping whole screen and unnecessary many clicks that is how it is now.

Here is video with process you have to go trough to create custom color you can lately use.


BTW: they recently announced a new interactive tutorial you can try. I didn’t check it out so I do not know if there are color covered. Give it a chance.

Thanks for the reply - gotcha.