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Global swatch won't change

My client has changed his mind about the site’s colour scheme. I have built it using a global swatch on the basis that if this happened it’d be easy enough to change… but I can’t change the swatch colour.

The tutorial videos on Youtube are based on the old UI, so I don’t know if something else has changed that I’m not doing?

At present I select an item (e.g. the CTA button in the hero section) which is styled using the global swatch called Theme-dark. I go in to the colour palette, the correct swatch is selected, and when I click another colour from the picker, it just changes the appearance of that element, it doesn’t update the global swatch as I think it’s supposed to.

Has something changed in the new UI??



Here is my site Read-Only: ** **

You have to select the global swatch and hit the pencil icon below where you can edit the title. Then pick your new color and choose save.

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Works for me: