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I can't install Intercom on my site


I can’t make intercom show up on my site. I’ve used the code provide by Intercom, but it’s not working.

Here is the link to my project:

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance

One line missing (var deceleration // put first in your code):

   var APP_ID = "APP_ID";
   /* rest of the code.... */

Docs (Under Install the JavaScript code)

I changed the code for the one of the link, and it doesn’t work too.

Any other idea?

It should work. Talk with intercom support (By online chat). Maybe this is payment issue -or- wrong key (On webflow you only do copy-paste).


Debbug your porblem. Change the key to fyq3wodw (test app key) and test again (If this key work - this is account issue).

I don’t see any intercom custom code on your site

Custom code only works on published sites, and not in the Webflow designer.