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I cant find the color eye dropper

Ive been working on this for a few days. When i have tried to set background colors or type colors there has been an eyedropper that i could use to select a color. im looking for it today and its not there. Did i miss an update or possibly turn that feature off. Im new to this program so im sure its something pretty simple

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Here is a visual with a pointer. First click on a color option control element in the designer.


thats the part im missing see attached image30%20PM

Apparently this is a safari/chrome thing. The dropper is not in safari but when i open webflow in chrome it is there. I think i may have to install the extension for safari. Hope this helps others.

I did not realize you were using two browsers. I figured if you were looking for it again, you already installed it.

There is currently no webflow extension for Safari. So just use the native “Digital Color Meter” app on OS X and copy and paste. There is also an awesome third party app for OS X called “Color Picker”. It’s on all my Macs.

Great, thanks for the info