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Eyedropper tool for freely picking colors would be great + something like the "Swatches" just for typography


Love Webflow, fantastic program! Really excited for every new improvement.

Idea 1 - an eydropper tool like the one in Photoshop would be really helpful for picking out colors from your design intuitively. The swatches are great, but this would complement it very well and make things even easier I think.

Idea 2 - would be great if one could save typography presets just the same way we save swatches for colors so there would be no need to set all the type values every time a new element is created.

Keep up the great work!

  1. there is already one:

2 - you can use the same classname on multiple elements

That’s not quite what I meant. :slight_smile:

Eyedropper, like this one. You know, to pick a color value from anywhere on the screen!

ah. there is this chrome extension that I use that does just that.

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I think it’s really too big.

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Ahh why didn’t I know about this tool already!!, its awesome. (note to self, must check for more cool chrome extensions) :smile:

ColorSnapper lets you select colors from anywhere on the screen, not just inside Chrome.

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Yeah, cool, that about what I need! Thanks!! :smiley:

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