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I can't customise my social media bar icon on my template

Hi everyone,

I’m currently creating my personal website and I bought a template to give me a headstart.

I have been trying to customise the social media buttons to connect me to my LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, when I uploaded a font icon from FontAwesome on one button, it basically copied the same action onto 3 of the buttons.

I’m having this issue on the About page and the Home page (although it has disappeared from there).

The hover is also not working correctly & I can’t find the setting for that anywhere.

Any help you can give would be amazing. This is driving me crazy! Haha

Here’s my preview site:

Thank you in advance. :blush:


I seem to get an error whenever I try to open the settings for those icons. What seemed to work is to delete all of the icons there and add them again.

Also, here’s how you can find the hover:

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Thanks for taking the time to help. It was useful to re-add everything and I also created new classes for it all to work. :blush:


My pleasure and glad to see you’re enjoying Webflow :slight_smile: